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Philip, thanks so much for posting those pictures & letters. It's a huge loss for Lincoln Center & opera. May she rest in peace.


What a touching remembrance, thank you for sharing it. I only saw her once, and not until her Met days. I had no knowledge of opera and certainly couldn't evaluate her voice, but she made a big impression on me and was a great ambassador for opera. In fact, she was a great ambassador for all the arts.


She did indeed do a lot for opera, first as a singer and then as an administrator.

Lou D'Angelo (Farrell Fan)

What a lovely, tremendously moving reminiscence -- it nearly brought me to tears. Thanks so much.


Oh, hello Farrell Fan! It's nice to see your name here. I hope you are having a good summer!

Farrell Fan

Thanks, Philip. I'm grateful for the news of Saratoga here, particularly since this was the first year in ages when I wasn't up to going.

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