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i can't wait to see this...i saw the brief clip of herman in nytimes (amazing feet, like you said!), am particularly interested in watching wendy whelan, allegra kent, and william forsythe. "slow dancing" is coming to the music center plaza (in los angeles, ca) in the beginning of sept, can't wait!


It is well worth setting aside a couple of hours to see this
fascinating production.


Aw, that's so sweet what you said about Wendy! "The era of Wendy" :) She is the NICEST person!


I learned this while working at Tower: the bigger the star, the nicer they are!


Philip, your saying may only pertain to the ballet world (and parts of the musical theater world as well...)


I don't know, it may also be true of opera singers...over the years I've met hundreds of them and people like Susan Graham and Placido Domingo are remarkably kind while some very minor-league singers put on prima donna airs like crazy.


Wow Philip, great blog and great writing. All this ballet stuff is completely over my head, but I enjoyed reading about something I had an ounce of knowledge of: SLOW DANCING. It was great to meet you for just one second the other night with Matt and he told me post-script that you're a tennis fan. Check out my blog, I think you'll enjoy :) Cheers!


Hi Nick,

Yes, it is too bad that ballet completely dominated the conversation with Matt & Tonya on the night we met you. I did not realize until the next day that you were into tennis which would have provided us with endless hours of chat.

When Matt told me about your blog I was thinking you might want to go to the US Open qualifying tournament with me (I plan to go all four days, hopefully) but then he said your stint in NYC ends just before the Open starts. Maybe you can find a way to extend your time here to take in some of the Open. I love it out there in Flushing and will go at least two days during the first week once the actual Open gets under way...I get day passes and wander from court to court.

I want to devote some time to reading your blog, and hopefully we will be able to meet again. Next time we will exclude Matt and Tonya by discussing Ai Sugiyama and Bjorn Phau.


Philip, the Sugiyama/Phau discussion sounds just fine to me!

Yes, I am unfortunately leaving right before the USO - certainly disappointing, especially when the Magazine has great tickets, etc.

I am, however, headed to New Haven for the Pilot Pen for a day or two prior to my departure with my brother and I even got a press pass for it! So I have all access.



Hey, New Haven! Great little city. Try Hot Tomato next to the Schubert Theatre for lunch...

I'll be up there myself next week, en route to Jacob's Pillow.

But can't you find a way to hang on in NYC for the Open? The qualifying tournament is free and in a way more fun than the actual Open because you don't have to battle the crowds of cell-phone addicts, people who bring their indifferent brats, and long lines for the restroom.

By the way, do you know why Bjorn hasn't been playing?

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