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I just read the news about her promotion earlier today. I'm so glad for her. I also miss her terribly but look forward to seeing her with the RB over the years. They are such a wonderful company. Among their new corps members are the last 2 YAGP grand prix winners - both of whom turned down the YAGP grand prize of ABT Studio Company contracts and held out for the RB. Oh well. Hope they come to NY more often.


thanks for good the news


Receiving your news aboutAlexandra Ansanelli's promotion to principal ballerina at the Royal BAllet was a bitter-sweet moment for me. Sweet, because I am, of course, very, very happy for her. She richly deserves this promotion and in fact, should have been given principal status when she first joined the RB. But the Royal rarely grants such initial rank to a foreigner, especially an American, and obviously they felt that Alexandra had to pay her dues. Well, those dues have apparently been paid (and in a relatively short time)and this is a great honor for Alexandra. The words "special" and "unique" are tossed around much too loosely (and I am as guilty of that as anyone) but this is one dancer where the words are truly appropriate and justified. Brava for Alexandra!

However, the news is, for me at least, in some respects bitter as well because it reminds me of just how much I still miss her dancing. I have many "favorite" dancers at NYCB but at the time of her leaving the company, she was my absolute no. 1 favorite. I would always check the casting list each week and when I saw her name listed for a particular program, I would frequently make the two hour train ride into the city from Eastern Long Island just to see her dance. Of all the brilliant performances I saw her give, perhaps the most memorable was the night I saw her dance the lead in Coppelia - it was one of those magical, all-time great performances and earned her three curtain calls and a partial standing ovation. I think it was shortly (or maybe immediately) after that performance that Peter promoted her to principal. (Is Alexandra the only ballerina to have ever been a principal at both NYCB and RB? Not counting guest artists, of course).

The news of Alexandra's promotion is also "bitter" (again only from a personal, selfish standpoint) because I do recall that a pretty fair ballerina by the name of Suzanne Farrell left NYCB some 38 years ago and then returned six years later and so I have harbored deep in my heart the hope that maybe Alexandra would also one day return home. The fact that she has now attained principal rank at RB has probably diminished that prospect. Still, hope does spring eternal and I am not yet ready to abandon it. Remember it did take six years for Suzanne to return (I know - the circumstances were different but I'll overlook that for the moment)so Alexandra still has a few years left to make her return. Hey, allow me ny fantasy!


I have known this gorgeous ballerina since she was in 3rd grade. I don't know her now as I knew her then, but I can attest that she is one of the most empathetic, caring, sensitive, and beautiful human beings I know. I trust her judgment, and I trust that the road she chooses will bring her much happiness, equal to that which she has brought to all of us. God Bless, Alexandra. Love, Mary Jo

Sophie Yang

Earlier this month (May 2009), Alexandra announced her resignation from the Royal Ballet and her retirement from professional dancing. We were fortunate enough to see many of her debuts in principal roles at the Royal (Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Ondine, and Month in the Country). We will miss the excitement she brings to the stage!

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