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Funny you should say that Pauline Golbin turned you into a corpwatcher. She accomplshed the same for me. I don't know what it is about her that I always notice her on stage (Her distinctive looks? Her special style?)but the fact is that I do. I'm not as good as you are at recognizing all the corps dancers in the ballets but there are many of them that I do recognize on any given night (often the men are easier to recognize than the women) and as I said, it all started with Pauline. Because she rarely gets soloist roles, I doubt that she will ever be promoted to soloist, but there are many ballerinas at City BAllet who spend their entire life in the corps and do great work there (Elizabeth Walker is a good example and she is still doing it and I always recognize her as well). One of the great contributions of Balanchine to ballet is that he encouraged individuality in his corps dancers and that tradition obviously lives on! Among the current corps ballerinas, I would give special mention to Saskia Beskow, FAye ARthurs, Alina Dronova, Glenn Keenan, Gwyneth Muller, Gina Pazcoguin, RAchel Piskin, Stephanie Zungre, and of course, Kathryn Morgan (whom we all know will almost certainly one day be a principal).


Pauline is definitely one of the best ones to watch, and so is Elizabeth Walker. I think being in the corps at NYCB would be such a great job. It's tough, demanding and dangerous but they seem to have so much fun, it's like a big happy family.


Thank you for such a lovely post and the beautiful photos. Wendy and Pauline both look radiant. You should really attend some of NYCB's July performances in Saratoga. The outdoor theater is quite different from the comfort of NY State Theater, but rain or shine, it's always a lot of fun (although the dancers might not enjoy performing while being attacked by mosquitoes!) Plus, seeing NYCB at SPAC in July is just that much closer to their winter season. And your readers (myself included) would adore a few more wonderfully detailed reviews before November.


I've been to Saratoga - years ago - and I agree it's a lovely place. But I am a complete homebody. I hate going anywhere further than the US Open in Flushing. This summer we are making a rare excursion to Jacob's Pillow for the first time in ten years.

The good news is, I have been finishing up the details for having commentary from Saratoga again this year just I had last summer here on my blog. Hopefully between commentary here and pictures & stories from Kristin, Gwyneth and Sophie over at The Winger we will be able to keep tabs on NYC Ballet at their home-away-from-home.


Aw, Philip that's such a sweet story -- about both of them! And excellent pictures! I love Pauline's hat, and Wendy's hair is so beautiful in the sunlight!


Re Update: Really! That's so exciting -- you'll have to take pictures of famous ballerinas more often!!

Also, just in a re-reading of your post: do you actually own ROUNDABOUT THE BALLET? I do -- hehe, I have a funny story; I met William Cubberly, the publisher, in Barnes & Noble once while immersed in the book (actually a photo of Marcelo's butt...) and he came up to me asking me how I liked it. I thought he was trying to pick me up (and had just been hit on by a guy in the opera section) so I was rude to him; and then he said, "I just wanted to know how you liked MY book" and ran off. I looked at the back cover and, sure enough, it was him! I was rude to a big publisher!! So, I figured I would not have to buy the book to make up for being nasty (and also so I could tear out the picture of Marcelo and hang it on my wall...) I can't believe you own it too though :)


oops, that's "NOW have to buy the book" not "NOT have to buy the book"! I just love Marcelo (who is MY reason for getting into ballet :) ), and it just goes to show that no one should try to hit on some woman absorbed in a picture of him!!!

Okay, sorry --- I'm really excited about your site meter!


Well, where would we be if men never hit on women? Plus, here in NYC, you never know who the 'hitter' might be!

Yes, I gave Wei the book last year. And yes, Marcelo has a perfect butt. The book also has some really hilarious photos like Gillian Murphy as Odette with headphones and Maria K in her DIAMONDS tutu with knee-high boots, horn-rimmed glasses and a cell-phone.


Hahahahaha! I just saw Marcelo in Swan Lake (with Vishneva). He's just the greatest person in the world ... he's just... everything!!! Marcelo Marcelo Marcelo! Okay, sorry -- I know, the whole book is really good, a very good idea -- Roy Round is a really creative photographer!


So did you go to the stage door and meet him?


Phillip you know how much I adore Pauline! She drew my eye from the first time I saw her in the corp. I turned to my husband and said, "Who is that gorgeous creature?" She has a womanly warm allure that I just love in female dancers. Elizabeth Walker is another dancer I always watch. She is a bit short as am I so I feel some sort of shorty sisterhood with her. Her dancing is clean, pure and joyous. And I can't forget Saskia Beskow. She has a dreamy quality to her I adore.


"Womanly warm allure"...that's Pauline to a T!

I've heard that Elizabeth Walker is a very fine teacher in addition to her onstage talents.

Saskia Beskow: what an elegant dancer. She really was so striking in the Bigonzetti ballet last season.


No, I have mixed feelings about stage doors... On the one hand, the goings-on there would probably provide good blog fodder, and I definitely love meeting some dancers, like Kristin for example! But I really don't know if I want to meet my real stage heroes, you know -- it might ruin the allure...


And I love meeting Matt too -- I left him out of my last comment :) But also, one can't post pictures of dancers in their dance belts and then go and meet them, right!!!!!


I sort of know how you feel. I've only ever been really sexually attracted to one dancer and even though I had a hundred opportunities to meet him I never did. Well, to be honest there were a couple of others...but we won't go there.

But in general I think it's fun getting to know them a little...but maybe just a little. I don't want them to lose their mystique.

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