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Can I guess on the scooter? I'm pretty sure it's either Tyler Angle or Adrian Danchig-Waring's. If I'm right, it's just because that's what you learn from living near Lincoln Center...

I'll be at Kyra's retirment too, and I think Tonya will be there - should we finally meet??!?!?


Yes, Sarah! I'll be upstairs, but have to come down to orchestra to meet some people. Or, do you guys want to meet beforehand at the stage door? That's always fun :)


Yes, it's Adrian's bike.

I'll be meeting Wei at the stage door around 7:00 for Kyra's farewell.

Also, Sarah, if you plan to go Sunday afternoon (the last performance of the season) Tonya & I are going to be there also. I can't believe the season's almost over!


Okay, good, I'll try to get there early too and meet you guys at the stage door. I know, I can't believe it's almost over either ... it went by so fast.


Please give Kyra a Brava! for me Phillip and take plenty of tissue for the tears.


Hi Perky! Yes, I will shout an extra 'brava' for Kyra just for you.


Sadly, I'm not going to Sunday - have a baby shower to go to - but I'm going to Friday AND Saturday night so I think that makes up for it.

Sadly, I can't make it before hand on Friday... any chance of an intermission gretting or perhaps and after-the-show hello?

You both have my email address - so maybe we can figure it out that way?


Sadly, I just used the word "Sadly" more times than necessary!


We can try to meet during the intermissions; I will come down to the Promenade on 1st Ring level and wear my bright blue NYCB tee-shirt.

The performance is sold out and the place will be jammed!

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