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It's so nice to hear positive comments on Phillip Neal's dancing. He seems to be very underrated as a dancer. I love his elegance and of course his partnering his divine.


Hi Philip,
I enjoy reading your blog. Albert Evans is another wonderful dancer who is underutilized. He's great at partnering.
I think Sara Mearns is a beautiful young woman, but I'm not dazzled by her dancing. You seem to like her. What am I missing? (On another note: I don't use a cell phone either. How many are there of us left?)


Philip's career was interrupted by injury a couple sesons ago and he is just now getting back to his wonderful peak performance status...just in time, sadly, for the farewell of his ideal partner, Kyra.

Sara Mearns isn't a dazzler; I look to her for sustained lyricism. She has the technique for the showy things but it's the beauty of her adagio style that really kills me...like her very first NYCB Odette: the pas de deux in the lakeside scene literally put me in a trance. On top of that, she has the kind of radiant facial glamour that is the stuff of stardom.

Albert is magnificent, I just love watching him onstage. He is far more 'technical' than he gets credit for, and his partnering is peerless. I think possibly he was slightly eclipsed by Jock Soto in the seasons just before Jock retired...like it took Jock being injured for Albert to get his first BUGAKU. Now Albert is really to the forefront where he belongs; I'd love to see him take on lots more ballets but I think he also has his eye on choreographing now.

You can hardly go to the ballet or opera or a movie or a museum now without cellphones jingling. A major annoyance. Whoever invented them ought to be shot.


Phillip- did you say hi to Carla? I had the pleasure of meeting her while I was in Seattle (set up by Kristin)and she is the sweetest. I'm sure she would have been thrilled by your admiration. Thanks as always for your reviews.I have sadly missed the entire season, and only experienced it through reading here and on Ballet Talk.


I met Carla shortly after she joined the Company; I was working at Tower and she came in shopping. I said hello to her and called her by name. She could not believe anyone would know who she was. But Wei and I were already fans.

I didn't get to talk to her yesterday; she was with some of the other dancers.

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