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I can't wait for Kyle's book to come out. His pictures are a facinating glimpse backstage. He really humanizes his subjects. NYCB dancer's really seem to be quite a literary bunch. So many of them have written either books or articles.


Hi Perky,

I hope your summer is going well...

I'm looking forward to owning Kyle's book.

It's wonderful that so many of the dancers pursue their interests in writing, photography and painting. There is even a composer among them: Aaron Severini.


I like that Kyle's book is organized chronologically, from morning class to evening performance. "Reading" the photos will probably (and hopefully) feel like a day in the life of an NYCB dancer.

The music clips from Aaron Severini's website are quite impressive. I wish I could have attended his concert last week. Perhaps there will be a CD sometime soon? I hope so.


Yes, I noticed that his book was set up that way. Just the sort of thing we fans love.

I'm going to check out Aaron's site and listen to his music.
Thanks for the tip!

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