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Wow, that is AWESOME!!!

Leslie Brown

Thanks for the update on Lisette. I had not heard yet (This is her mother-in-law) and counldn't find anything on the news yet.


Hello Leslie, and welcome to Oberon's Grove...you are Eric's mom? It's so nice that Lisette and Eric have had this month in Paris and to top it off at one of the big voice competitions. I'm waiting for further news and will post it here immediately.


Yes, I'm Eric's mom. I'm surprised that nothing is on the news yet about the Operalia competion. I am so happy for Lisette! This is quite an accomplishment for her since she is only 23 years old. I just got e-mail from Eric and he said that semi-finals are Thursday afternoon.


My friend Mollie from England writes that Operalia is only available on British telly on a pay-per-view basis.


Hi. A friend from Argentina (tenor) went to Operalia's Contest. Does anybody know the names of the finalists? Thanks in advance!


I am not able to find any real up-to-date information on the Competition anywhere on the internet. I'll see if Lisette can provide any news about the Argentine tenor.


Lisette replies that only one tenor is among the finalists in the opera competition and he is from Russia.

In the zarzuela competition, tenors from Spain and Italy have progressed to the final round.


Thanks for the info. If it is so, well, being among the 40 was quite something. Thanks again guys!

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