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Haha, great review! I'm glad to see Drew Nelson is getting some big parts. He was one of my favorite kids in "My Life as a Child."


I'm going to blog on it later when I've seen it a second time, but I pretty much felt the same way. I had a different cast, but I pretty much agree -- the dancing in mine (Part, Gomes) was close to perfection; the production itself just didn't really do that much for me. Herman and Xiomara were fantastic but yeah, I felt like the rest of that scene was odd with all of the others standing on and watching. I had an older guy -- Wes Chapman I think -- in Craig's character, so that made more sense in mine. And Gelsey was my Carabosse, and I have say, whoa, she blew me away. As much as I complained about her a-little-too-harsh treatment of dancers at the Works & Process thing at Guggenheim ... she was a powerhouse performer. She must have been quite the ballerina when she was still dancing, and watching her now made me sorry to have missed that era in ballet.


I've been debating whether to see the ABT Sleeping Beauty so I very much welcome your review because I think it has saved me from a very dreary evening. Having read the Macauley and Barnes reviews, I was already leaning in that direction but your comments sealed the deal for me. Yes, as Tonya notes, Gelsey Kirkland was and apparently still is a powerhouse performer but let us not forget that she was the key artistic advisor on this whole project and probably threw more ingredients into the pot than anyone - if there is blame to go around for this production, it most likely should start with her. Hey, at least you had a Darci sighting - that would be enough of a birthday present for me.


I saw Kirkland dance many times; most notably, she attained perfection in two very different roles: Swanhilda and Giselle. But being a great dancer doesn't make you a great coach or stager.

From what I have heard, getting this BEAUTY onstage was a nightmare...and it shows.


Update: On Thursday I ran into two friends, big ABT fans who had planned to see BEAUTY several times. They had both gone to the opening and were sorely disappointed. Despite their devotion to the ABT dancers, they both said they never wanted to see the production again. Really sad - a waste of time, money and energy. Even sadder: the dancers are stuck with this production for years to come.


Oh Phillip, fire the new guy from the Times, and get that gig; you deserve it for this classic review. I LOVE "Sleeping Beauty," but I wisely chose the June 7 bill you too saw with Darci as divine and rapturous as I've ever seen her. Ashley is s wunderkind. And "Union Jack" shot me filled with adrenaline. Why the hell haven't Pauline and Savannah and Glenn made it out of the corps? My two faves (see he shot in Sunday Styles?) are Gina P., and Katie Morgan. I yearn for Janie. Our friend Bob said she should be a model after he saw her at The SAB Gala Monday night. I will gladly act as her agent.


Many of the dancers in the NYCB corps deserve to be soloists...but then, we wouldn't have a corps. If I was a dancer, I think I'd be pretty happy in the corps dancing Balanchine and Robbins every night and working on new choreography. Imagine getting paid to do something you love, and something that brings other people so much joy.

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