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AMEN! I agree - it was a beautiful evening, I savored every moment that Kyra was on stage, and in the end I did not really feel sad. We were graced with her artistry for 33 years - to ask for more, while understandable, would ultimately be unreasonable. But I will never forget the special beauty she brought to every role she danced and I will also never forget how genuinely touched and moved she was by the audience's outpouring of love and affection for her tonight. I wish her a long and happy post-NYCB life.


What a night... Phillip, it was so lovely meeting you and Wei.

I was choked up from the beginning to the end of the evening, but seeing Kyra on the stage with her sons made me smile through the tears. I completely lost it when Damian got down on his knees with his bouquet of flowers... what a beautiful gesture. I was also moved by how long the company cheered for Kyra and how supportive the audience was, as well they should have been!

Kyra has spent my entire life as a principal dancer at NYCB and I am proud to have seen her dance so beautifully for so long.

She will be terribly missed.


Yes, I feel the same way: how wonderful that her career coincided with my ballet-going years.


That was the best June 22 I've spent in years.
Kyra dazzled as always ,and I agree with Macauley: she is the greatest ballerina of the last twenty years. I was once standing next to her on one of those gala nights and she was talking to someone , and I felt it would be rude to interrupt.No more. At SAB, I've spoken to Jock, Suki,Yvonne, Callie B. and Darci.

Outside the stage door I've spoken to Albert, Andrew, Savannah, Katie Morgan, Yvonne, and this Thursday, I met Yvonne in front of the movie theater on Broadway ansd she gave me a big hello, so I gave her a big kiss, and along came the delightful Megan. I kissed Yvonne good bye, and headed for my pizza.
Then at The Miller last September I met Janie, Maria, Edwaard and Gillin Murphy and Wendy who is infectously funny. I also met Wendy at a pre-theater talk, and now have her signed slippers. I am going to try to wrest Katie Morgan away from her parents and adopt her. I want her to be the dancer most like Kyra, and I want Janie and Kristin back. Enjoy your walk in the park today, and congrats to Lisette.


Jim, after looking at the photographs of the rehearsals for the Wheeldon ballet on The Contact Sheet site I concluded that Janie is Wendy's cover for that ballet. Maybe in the winter season we'll get to see her perform it. It would be hard to imagine anyone other than Wendy as the Nightingale but if anyone else steps into it I hope it's Janie. I love them both, of course.



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