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This photo is stunning, just absolutely beautiful. I think Adrian is one of the most promising men in the corps (and one of the most handsome, too). My eyes are always drawn to his pure technique and striking presence, and there's an intensity about him that is completely captivating. Adrian also has a mysterious quality that I just love. He's been getting a lot of featured roles lately, so I really hope he gets the promotion that he deserves.


Adrian can do anything, from that funky Feld piece a couple years ago to the classics. He deserves all the good things that come his way.


Phillip, you're a prince! That picture brought tears to my eyes. Just stunning! Thank you so much!


Perky, I feel the same way looking at this picture!

You & I have 'known' each other for so long via Ballet Talk; maybe someday we will get a chance to meet!


Phillip if you are ever in the Indiana area let me know, otherwise I'm going to try to get to NYC next year. I gotta get my NYCB fix.



I hope you make it to NYC in 2008!

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