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As usual, you captured the experience of today's final program of the season perfectly. There is little I can add except to say that I think this was an extraordinary season at NYCB and even by that high standard, today's performances were exceptional. Where does one begin to recognize all the marvelous performances by principals, soloists and corps dancers today? Still, as terrific as they all were, for me there were two who stood out above all the rest - just when you think that Ashley Bouder and Maria Kowroski cannot possibly dance any better, they proceed to surpass themselves (as they did today). And of course, a special honorable mention to the glamorous and dazzling Tess Reichlen, who dances the soloist role in Rubies as well as it has ever been done.

AH, the pain of separation - I get to see two programs at Saratoga Springs during the company's first week there, and then nothing until November. However will I survive that drought?

By the way, I did spot you and Tonya on the Promenade during the second intermission but you were talking to other people (perhaps Monica and her daughter) and I felt it would be rude to interrupt your conversation. I was talking at the time to my wife and our dear friends - Ed and Judy Kaplan and the next time I turned around to look for you and Tonya, you were on your way down the stairs heading back to the orchestra level (congratulations on getting those great seats for today's performance). So...maybe we can connect another time! Have a great summer!


Yes, the long wait til November is always difficult for us die-hard NYCB fans.

Maria, Ashley and Tess all seemed to be dancing on an extraordinarily high level this afternoon which makes which makes the thought of not seeing them for 5 months all the more depressing.

Over the summer we can mentally uncork the perfume
which Rachel and Jenifer wafted thru the house in EMERALDS today. It was a really delightful performance all around.


I was so happy to meet you and Tonya in the intermission and then sorry to miss you afterwards. What a completely wonderful performance and end to the season! Now for months ahead I have to make do without NYCB. I will miss your insightful and passionate reviews. I really enjoy your writing here on Oberon's Grove - Thank you!


Monica: Tonya and I were so happy to meet you and we were delighted with Lydia. I hope she will report to us about her summer in Seattle on your blog.


As I was driving back to New York yesterday, I saw on the clock that it was 4:30 and thought - oh! Philip and Tonya are seeing Ashley dance Rubies right now!

Having had the chance to see her premiere in the piece the previous evening, I knew you were in for a delight. Her energy, sass and attitude lend themselves perfectly for the seductive Rubies. Saturday night she shone and had an adorable moment of relief as the curtain was coming down after the full cast bow, Ashley leaned her head on Benjamin's shoulder and looked up at him with a grateful/loving look, perhaps thanking him for being such a wonderful partner. Maria was stunning as well on Saturday night, and danced the heck out of diamonds!

I too am going to begin going through profound NYCB withdrawl. I hate that there are months on end without NYCB at Lincoln Center, but I know how much the company needs and deserves their rest!

I look forward to the 2007-2008 season with great hope! I'm off to Europe for a while... so I wish you a wonderful summer filled with happiness and delight!


Oh, Sarah...I was just about to suggest we all get together
for a post-season celebration when I read your last sentence that you are off to Europe. Have a sensational time and we will all get together when you get back.

E-mail me from Europe and tell me what you are up to!

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