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Now that you have reviewed your first regular repertory ballet program, Philip, I feel that the Spring season has officially begun. Thank you for another sparkling review - I wasn't there for that performance but reading your observations about it is the next best thing. I'm glad that Jennie Somogyi was in such great form - I feel that I never see enough of her in the repertory. And I especially enjoyed your comments about Abi Stafford because I feel the same way about her that you do. I have always liked her dancing but in the past year she has not only grown in her artistry but has also evolved into an extremely attractive young woman. She is one of those ballerina whose name I always look forward to seeing on the casting list. I actually did send her a thank you note this year - maybe it's time for the bouquet of roses. So many great ballerinas and so many terrific programs ahead - how fortunate we are! Oh and since you mentioned being moved to tears by Faye and Amanda, did you notice that Macauley in the Times admitted to being moved to tears by Darci in La Sonnambula and by Tiler in Carousel?


Somogyi has made a remarkable recovery from her career-threatening injury. She is dancing so beautifully now, and that solo in PIANO PIECES really shows her off.

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