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"La commedia e finita." We're used to hearing Canio speak that line. But it is actually supposed to be Tonio! The substitution is typical of tenors: they get everything! Personally I think Tonio saying it makes more sense. Canio should be too distraught to say anything, and since Tonio started the opera by addressing the audience it makes sense that he finish it by doing the same.

I've never heard "Die Ferne Klang," but it sounds quite interesting musically.


Incidentally, I know of only one recording that gives the last line back to Tonio: Muti's on Philips with Pavarotti and Pons.


Yes, I realized that the line had gone from Tonio to Canio.

Did Berg assign actual musical notes to "Hop, hop"...at the end of WOZZECK?

And I think GIANNI SCHICCHI ends with spoken words, too. Which is possibly one reason why I don't like it very much...


Yes, Schicchi does deliver the final lines by speaking. I love the opera!

There's a story somebody told me once about Karl Bohm rehearsing "Wozzeck" at the Met in the 1960s, when they did it in English. The kid who was playing Marie and Wozzeck's son was being coached by Bohm on the final line and kept saying "Hap hap. Hap hap." Bohm said, "No no, it's 'Hop hop.'" The kid said "Hap hap." Bohm corrected him again and said why do you keep saying "Hap hap?" To which the kid replied: "But I thought we were doing it in English?"


The English translation of hop-hop is hap-hap???


He was pronouncing "hap" like "h-up." And he was a little kid, Philip!


Now there's a new English version: 'Hip-hop, hip-hop'...


Finally another blog reaction to DFK. It's funny that we responded so differently to both the emotional impact of the opera and to the effectiveness of the final moment.

For the record, I stop caring about Mimi at the end of act 3. Act 3 never really grabs me. And I couldn't care less, either, about Helena or the Emperor's anthem. In fact, the only operatic character that I think I really care about is the Marschallin.


I suppose it depends on who is singing Mimi...if it is G-D or RAS she can't die quickly enough!

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