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I concur! I saw an earlier performance, with Mark Delavan. To me Heppner just seems like a good house tenor. The voice is not interesting and to me he has little musicality. He does things with the text, but it almost always comes off as calculated. I like your description of Urmana - Marton is a good comparison. She's passionate, but it seems that she views passion and volume as one and the same. I loved her as Ariadne, though. Perhaps it's an Italian vs. German approach. I also loved Martens as the Countess. She has a wonderful, warm voice. Reminded me a bit of a young Susane Mentzer. I hope we get to hear more of her in larger roles. And I believe Armiliato always conducts from memory. What is that story about Karajan conducting "Elektra" from memory with Strauss in the audience? Strauss is said to have leaned over to his box-mate (the intendant of the house) and said: "Look, look! The rascal!" What's the German word for "rascal?"


German word for rascal = racker? lausbub?

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