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Oh crap -- I can't believe the line was that long ... I was going to go tomorrow, but I worry everything's going to be sold out already, especially with the new 4th Ring discounts!

Everyone seems to love Vishneva and Malakhov, so it sounds like you chose well. I got a ticket to see them perform ... I think it's Manon ... but maybe I'll get one for Sleeping Beauty too. Of course I first have to see you know who dance it with Veronika Part :):):)


I got three tickets this morning: opening night gala / r&j premier, wheeldon premier, and kyra nichols farewell. Nichols is almost sold out. The ticket agent laughed at me: "you're getting all the unpopular nights!" he joked. "That's why I'm here now," I said.

Evan N

Fortunately, I was able to get the R+J tickets I wanted this morning. Do you happen to know if there will be more than one cast for the lead roles?


With this many performances, I would think there would be multiple casts.


HI Oberon,

I'm going to be nosy and ask if you have heard anything about Gelsey Kirkland working with ABT on the new Beauty? I'm not sure if she is staging or coaching or perhaps a bit of both.
I've been watching Kristin Sloans excellent posts on R&J. Unfortunately every time you click on it that music booms over the speakers. I really dislike that score! Makes me want to bang my head againest the wall.


Hi Perky, I think you just scored the 30,000th visit to my blog!

I'm going to e-mail you with regard to your question.

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