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Hey philip,
I always pop into your blog but lately I've been in such a rush that I hardly ever have time to post a comment. But this post in special was so cute!! So, congrats to you guys and I wish you more and more happinness!



Aww, congratulations! I'm glad you're enjoying Middlesex! Feel better, Wei.


Happy Anniversary Phillip and Wei. May you be blessed with many more years together.


It's not mono but that leaves it all up in the air. More blood work today and all of my symptoms are gone except for this undying fatigue. As tired as my body feels, I'm not really sleeping well and after 5 days couped up in my apartment am going slightly crazy at the moment :-) I keep hoping for a miraculous recovery but until then I have a pile of movies. My friend Sam is stopping by to join me for one tonight, will be nice to have a friendly face.

On to more important topics: Congratulations on your anniversary! What an exciting day and I am so happy for you. It makes me (almost) as happy to see that you are reading Middlesex. I was dropping by your site to ask if you had started! It is wonderful and takes you so many places you never thought it would. Can't wait to hear what you think. Sorry for the long comment!


Yes, I am well into MIDDLESEX: I'm at the point where Milton is in his Navy training phase and Tessie is engaged to Father Mike. The characters are so vividly drawn - you can almost see them; the narrative keeps you plunging ahead. It's a wonderful book.

I had mono in my 20s and then a couple years later I had a 'mystery' illness which lasted about 3-4 months. I felt exhausted but could not sleep; I had no energy but my inner systems felt like they were working overtime. At night my mind refused to shut down and allow me to rest. I had all kinds of medical tests but nothing unusual was detected.

After my mono, I had started taking vitamins and supplements: B, C, D, E, iron, calcium and three or four other things. Every few days I would read about the benefits of this or that natural substance and add it to my repertoire. I was popping pills all day, every day. After months of feeling lousy, I decided one day that maybe all these supplements were just too much for my system to process. I stopped taking them and within a week I felt totally normal again. These days I just take Vitamin C, Olive Leaf extract and calcium.

You mentioned staying indoors for five days; it might be a good idea to get out and get some fresh air.
Even though NYC's air is not exactly pristine...

I hope you start feeling better soon because you need to get back into your toe shoes.

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