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What a sweet post! I know how it feels to stay at a job you no longer love because you like your co-workers so much... And because you get comfortable too I guess... It looks like you had a lot to fun with those women! So weird though to think that people would freak out over a gay co-worker. I guess things were different then. And, sadly, things probably haven't changed all that much in other parts of the country...

Well, it's great you had the courage to make that change and pick up and move -- goes to show sometimes you really just have to bite the bullet and take a risk! I'm glad you're here :)


Philip, I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you! I'm so glad you moved to NY, if you hadn't we'd never be friends.


Tonya, liking your co-workers is a big factor in staying on a job - I stayed at Tower much longer than I 'should' have because I liked (most of) the people I worked with. I also of course liked the fact that Albert Evans and Wendy Whelan used to stop in regularly!

Nicole, you are right - if I had not moved to NYC we would not have met. But I would know your name from reading about you and your blossoming career, and I'd be wondering 'What does she sound like?' Can't wait to see you at PQ...

Tina Christina-Price

Phillip, I read the comment that you left on the winger site re: the sale of my studio...Out of curiosity...how did you know that Becky Krohn was indeed trained at my studio? tcp


Hi Tina, I replied by e-mail to you directly. The story on the Winger included a link to Rebecca's bio.

I fell in love with Becky Krohn when I saw her dancing in a beautiful purple dress in the Peter Martins ballet BURLESKE. And I'm still in love with her.

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