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Thank you for saving me $80!


I haven't seen it, but I've been listening to it on Sirius. It's definitely Strauss at his note-spinning worst. (And he does it in some of his best works, too; including "Frau.") But this opera goes nowhere. And what the hell was von Hofmannsthal smoking?! I agree that this is one of the worst librettos ever, from one of the greatest librettists, so go figure. And the way the Met has presented it may not have done the piece any favors. Strauss is still Strauss and could have been fun. But I was not impressed with Luisi's "Simon Boccanegra" and I find his conducting of "Helena" to be very lackluster. And then there's the lead soprano. I loved Debbie up until the surgery and even stuck by her shortly after. But the voice has most certainly altered because of it and not for the best. With a real power-house soprano this run of the work could have been something exciting. But as it is...we'll have to see if they revive it for anyone.


'Someone' told me that it is slated for revival in 2 years with the same cast.

What soprano today would be viable in the title role?


How about Sondra Radvanovsky?


Sondra could sing it, for sure.


I believe the planned revival of HELENA has now been scrapped in favor of a revival of the Met's (mostly) fantastic FRAU OHNE SCHATTEN.
Let's see if the Met has the savvy to cast it well...my instincts say that they won't. But I'll go. It's FRAU, after all!

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