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I loved this movie -- I thought it was so powerful; I couldn't stop thinking about it for days after seeing it. I loved Pitt too -- one of the first things I've seen him in where I can say that! The only problematic thing for me was that I thought the Mexican woman's story was a little too far-fetched, though I loved (as always!) Bernal. And I kept trying to figure out a unifying theme tying all the stories together (other than the fact that the characters are all in some way related). I thought maybe police brutality and misuse of State power was a running theme, but then the Japanese storyline didn't involve that. Yeah, you noticed how the Japanese story was a bit removed from the central one too ... still I loved the whole thing anyway; thought all stories and characters were really compelling and their tragedies haunting even. As someone in the theater remarked when leaving, "well, we definitely got our money's worth of drama from that one."

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