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Bob Arrigon

The conductor's tempo may indeed have been a bit too fast but I still found Raymonda to be a real treat. I love that melodious score and what Balanchine did with it and I thought that Megan and Joaquin were perfectly matched for this ballet. The more you watch Megan, the more you love her dancing and the joy she radiates on stage. All the variations were good but I thought that Tiler and Ana Sophia especially stood out. Both of them have been dazzling in virtually every role they have danced this season. I too noticed Kathryn Morgan in the corps. Is she an authentic American beauty or what? I have to think that barring serious injuries, she is destined for stardom.

AFternoon of a Faun is one of my all-time favorite ballets and tonight's performance was especailly magical. Peter Martins has sometimes been criticized for his casting but if it was his idea to pair Janie and Craig in this ballet, then he deserves to take a bow because it was a stroke of genius. How great it is to have Janie Taylor back on stage, even if her repertoire is still rather limited for the time being. She has what Alexandra Danilova used to call a certain "perfume" in her dancing.

I have never quite warmed up to Antique Epigraphs. Its allure and charm have somehow always escaped me. The music and choreography always seem to produce a feeling of drowsiness in me. On some level, I respect and admire the ballet, but on another level, it always leaves me a little cold. Still, the dancing was splendid, particularly, as you noted, that of Sara Mearns.

Evenfall is a ballet that I did not especially appreciate or love when I first saw it but I think it's beginning to grow on me. It totally held my attention tonight and I felt that I saw things in it this evening that I had totally missed the first and second time around. Perhaps one of the reasons that I enjoyed it more tonight was that my attention was so totally riveted on Miranda Weese and her beautiful performance. Because I am not going to be able to attend Thursday's program, this was the last time I will ever see Miranda with NYCB and so I wanted to savor every moment. I agree with Tonya that even after reading that interview that Miranda did, her motives for leaving are still not perfectly clear. But in any event, she is going and she will be sorely missed.

And yes, I too was disappointed with tonight's audience. The winter must really be taking its toll because people seemed to be too tired this evening to summon the enusiastic response that the performances deserved. In particular, Janie and Craig in Faun and Miranda in Evenfall deserved more than two curtain calls.



I'm thinking it would be nice if they moved KLAVIER to the closing position in Thursday night's programme so we could give Miranda a proper send-off.

Perfume: yes, Taylor really has it...and Jeni Ringer does, too.


It was so great to finally meet you! (and all of your many friends :)) I just got my ticket for Saturday afternoon so I'll see you then too!

Bob -- this was my first time seeing Janie Taylor, and I couldn't agree more about the "perfume"! She was just stunning! It's one of my favorite ballets too.


It was nice to chat with everyone during intermission - and great that we has such a wonderful performance to talk about! I've loved Evenfall since the first time I saw it and I think I saw it with fresh eyes after the concert version last week. I'm not enthralled by Antique Epigraphs but it was enjoyable, and it was so good to see/hear Raymonda Variations (love that Glazunov!) Hall and Taylor are both very special dancers and brought a wonderful air of mystery to Faun.

Sadly I saw my last performance of the season last night - please be sure to give Miranda some extra applause from me at her last appearance!

See you in April


Susan, I wish you were going to be there tonight but I can also understand the appeal of the Met TRAVIATA (I'm seeing it twice myself)...

During the Spring season, you'll have to tell me more about the various incarnations of RAYMONDA since you mentioned it's a favorite ballet of yours. I've never seen the full-length, but next time ABT does it I will be sure to go. The music is really wonderful!

Enjoy your evening at the Met!


Ha ha ha -- great pictures :) I'll have to meet up with Juan during ABT season!

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