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Bob Arrigon

It's always sad to see a good dancer go but from Melissa's standpoint, the move makes sense. She was a fine dancer - very good, as you said, in dramatic roles - but looking at her future at NYCB, she was probably never going to be good enough to move into the soloist or principal ranks. At Los Angeles, she has a better chance of getting into the spotlight - it's the classic opting to be the "big fish in the small pond" syndrome - at least, that's how I interpret the move. But that one ballet she choregraphed a few years ago was indeed something special. I'm sorry we are losing that talent because that is rarer and harder to find than accomplished ballerinas.



Elizabeth Walker is joining LAB too. It is Colleen Neary's new Balanchine-oriented company. Their 2007 roster also includes a number of guests, including 6 NYCB, 2 ABT and a Bolshoi member.
Here they are:


Elizabeth Walker is still listed on the NYCB website. And isn't she on the teaching staff at SAB? I wonder if it is another Elizabeth Walker who dances for L.A. Ballet.


You must be right, Philip, just the shock of seeing another familiar name on their list.


I didn't want to start any rumors of the Liang exit but I thought something was up the final night of "Slice to Sharp", which Edward had so magically excelled in. During the curtain call, Wendy Whelan kissed his hand (at least I think it was Wendy) and the boys (Joaquin and Amar specifically) kept patting him on the back in the front of curtain bows. I said to my mother that I was scared that this meant he was leaving and she thought I was reading too much into it. I am incredibly saddened by his departure, but I hope this means he will be spending more time creating his own choreography - his two pieces at the Miller Theatre this fall were lovely.


Sarah, did you catch Liang's duet for Wendy & Peter Boal, DISTANT CRIES, set to Albinoni?. It was done at the Joyce a few years ago and then came to NYCB briefly. It's so beautiful and I was hoping he would make it the centerpiece of a larger ballet; the Albinoni music is ideal for dance.

I really hope Ed doesn't stop dancing though I think he's had some back problems that might be hindering him. What I love about him as a dancer is: you can always see the beauty of his 'classical' technique shining thru even in 'modern' or character pieces. His performance of the main role in IN VENTO last season was one of the greatest dance performances I ever saw.


Interesting to read about the new Los Angeles company. Thordal Christiansen and Colleen Neary had a very brief and troubled period at the head of the Royal Danish Ballet, so I wish them luck in Los Angeles. At least the weather is better.


I only vaguely recall Neary being in Denmark and that it didn't work out. They have an interesting roster and repertoire announced in Los Angeles and I hope it's a success. Neary was a favorite dancer of mine when I was first going to NYCB.


I have never seen the NYCB live only their Nutcracker on DVD. But is also exciting that LA is finally getting a ballet company of its own. I'm from California so it's a big deal to me.

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