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Bob Arrigon

The program started off wonderfully with that beautiful performance of Serenade. How lucky we are to have Kyra, at her age and only a season away from retirement, dancing so often and at such a high level. Maria, as you noted, was PERFECT - she is dancing at her peak this season. As for Ashley, she was her usual brilliant self - at first, she did, with her razor-sharp quickness, seem to be dancing more "Ballo" than "Serenade" but in the end, I agree that her interpretation did work.

Ah, Dybbuk! I thought it was dreadful. One of the longest 50 minutes of ballet I can recall. Why did Robbins ever try to choreograph to that deadly score? I too felt sorry for Jeni and Ben who gave it their all in, as they say in the sports world, a losing cause. 'nuf said.

I liked the Stravinsky a lot, especially the dancing of Wendy (though she looked painfully thin - more so than usual - in her leotard costume in this ballet) and Albert. However, I thought that from a programming perspective, it was a poor choice to end the program. After Dybbuk, the audience - those of us who didn't depart after that piece - needed something more along the lines of a Stars & Stripes or Who Cares or Vienna Waltzes to rouse us from our torpor, lift our spirits and send us home happy. That is too much a burden to place on the Stravinsky Violin Concerto, which is ordinarily best placed in the middle of a repertory program. For me, however, it was still a welcome relief from Dybbuk.



Oh no, I was looking forward to Dybbuk -- more out of curiosity than anything else. Regarding that 'sailing through the air' picture -- I know, how to they do such things!!!

By the way, I really liked our back and forth with SanderO on the Winger yesterday. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't mind being "sprayed" once in a while with the hard efforts of our favorite performing artists :)


Tonya, to be honest I would not spend money to see DYBBUK if I were you...so many other great things to see. Go to the EVENFALL programme instead!

Bob, I agree that SVC was not the best ballet to follow DYBBUK but after watching the Robbins I think even Peter's RED VIOLIN would have seemed like a treat.


Maria makes her debut in the Stravinsky next week. I believe dancing the second aria. Let me know how it goes if you can Oberon. She's one of my favorites and I am very happy she is having such a fantastic season.


Yes, I am going to see Maria K in her new role in Stravinsky Violin Concerto and I will for sure be recording my impressions here. She is giving us one magnificent performance after another this season...and I'm glad she'll be doing Firebird as well.

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