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I'm so glad that you posted this information on your blog! I was worried that I had missed Miranda's departure. But now, as I happen to have tickets for Saturday night, I'll be able to see her dance one more time, and with Seth Orza to boot!


Yes, Sarah: the longer we can keep Miranda here the better!


Right back at you Oberon! After many emails it was great to finally meet and I look forward to a long friendship as well. I also plan to lure you and Wei to Saratoga. You will never regret the decision to come.

I want to take one minute to say a huge BRAVA to Megan LeCrone, a dancer that I had the pleasure to meet and one who I have been watching with anticipation. I am thrilled that she was given the opportunity of 3rd theme in 4Ts and she was brilliant. More Megan please!

Back to the snowy north for me later on, but then Onegin at the Met tomorrow. We'll have to compare notes!


Philip, you're such an amazing writer. Your passion for NYCB really shows! You should consider maybe trying to do it professionally?!

I'll see you tomorrow during the matinee and hopefully during the evening as well, if they're not sold out!

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