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Hi Oberon:

Know what you mean - I hate when cell phones go off too, but I must admit, sadly to having it happen once to me: I was eight-and-a-half months pregnant, exhausted from a (literally) ten-hour day at work, and I simply forgot to turn my phone off (no announcement at this performance beforehand). I was mortified - it went off during a performance of the Tempest, during Patrick Stewart's (as Prospero) very moving "Revels" speech. Truly awful. But I think, to be fair, most people are mortified when their cell phones go off; it's not b/c they think getting a call is more important. Believe me, having it happen once is a great reminder - since then I've been careful to the point of paranoia!

Bob Arrigon

Thank you for another superb review. We are so fortunate to still have Kyra around for another two seasons and we have to try to catch as many of her performances as possible. This week I will be seeing her three times (in Liebeslieder, Serenade and Vienna Waltzes). I'm sure it will be standing room only in her farewell performance on June 22.

Is Maria dancing on a superhuman level right now or what? I mean, she has always been one of my favorites but I think that if she keeps this up, we have to start talking serious "greatness."

Ah, the dreaded cell phone experience. Do you remember what the actor Richard Griffiths did when a cell phone went off during one of the performances of "The History Boys" during its New York run?

I don't know what the deai is with Gilliland. She is still listed on the casting board to dance in "Tribute" on Feb. 6 & 8 so is it possible that she is just sick at the moment or suffering from a minor injury and is not ready to perform this week? The change involving Woetzel is also a bit of a mystery. He is still listed to dance Liebeslieder this week and Liebeslieder, Carousel and Vienna Waltzes next week so it's not likely that he is injured. Perhaps he needed a night off to finish an overdue term paper at Harvard?



Patrick Stewart in THE TEMPEST, that must have ben extraordinary!

I can understand forgetting to turn off one's phone on occasion but at the NYC Ballet there really is no excuse since they make a very clear announcement at the beginning of every performance. Usually
the people whose phones ring simply don't care enough to take a moment to check; or, they just don't care period. It's similar in a way to people letting their dogs off-leash in the park: they think the rules don't apply to them.

I'm glad I never bought a cell phone; aside from everything else, I love being 'out of touch' much of the time. I also never answer my phone at home; the only people I want to talk to know that if they start talking I'll pick up.
Always letting the machine answer eliminates all manner of annoying calls.


Maybe Damian is too busy with school work to rehearse so many ballets! I think Bouder & Veyette will be fun in STARS & STRIPES.

Bob Arrigon

I saw Bouder and Veyette dance the Stars & Stripes pas de deux at the SAB Workshop performance a few years ago and they were marvelous together. I expect the same to be the case (and probably more so) tomorrow evening.



Did you read Veyette's recent Time Out interview (Jan 4) where he described that Stars and Stripes Workshop perf with Bouder?
"there are certain people you’ll dance with and you have to help them through, and there are people like Ashley, who you have to control. My job in Workshop was a lot less about helping her and a lot more about controlling the situation, because she put just a crapload of energy into everything she did. It was so exciting". Looking forward to Philip's review, and to seeing it too.
While missing the cellular version, yes Captain Stewart was a fabulous Prospero. Also, my "ex" played Prospera in a completely gender-reversed production!

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