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Hi Philip! I really should have taken your advice and moved up to the 5th ring at intermission. This performance was one of the finest I’ve seen from NYCB this season and unfortunately those noisy neighbors started up again during Symphony in 3. Plastic bag rustling started early and at one quiet point in the score I actually heard “you have 2 messages”. An errant cell phone ring is bad enough but can you imagine actually checking your voice mail during a performance? Some people really shouldn’t be allowed out of their living rooms.

It was a shame they had to disrupt such a wonderful performance so often. I agree with everything you’ve said - everybody was really in the zone today, especially Kowroski. I also thought that Rebecca Krohn looks much more comfortable in the Gesualdo half of M&M now. I think she was a natural for Movements, but the first time I saw her in Monumentum she had the steps down technically but I didn’t think she looked entirely sure about how to present them. This time I saw more amplitude and a very clear reading of the courtliness implicit in the choreography. Then when the curtain came up on her in Movements, it was as if we were seeing a completely different persona - she had such a punk attitude!


Susan, I learned a long time ago to sense possible distractions around me at the ballet before they spoil the show for me and move away. Whenever people come in with plastic bags or rattling jewelry you know they haven't even thought about what an irritation such things can be.

Once at the NY Phil a woman holding a plastic bag on her lap destroyed an entire Mahler symphony for everyone in her vicinity; people around her were glaring, shushing and nudging her but she was blissfully unaware.

The matinee was one of the best things I've seen at NYCB in the past few years. And you are right about Krohn finding the way to present those two ballets with just the right contrast. Kowroski was really 'on'!


Oh, I saw Amar and Jennie in the Saturday matinee -- thankfully, because Amar is one of my favorite men in the company :), and they were brilliant!

The checking the voice mail IS unforgivable, Susan! You should have said something!


Somogyi and Amar danced together briefly in FEARFUL SYMMETRIES last season and I thought they had a huge chemistry going; I had really been looking forward to seeing them dance together again.

Amar looked super at the Sunday matinee - one of NYCB's most charismatic dancers.

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