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Bob Arrigon

Yes, I too noticed that Genevieve LaBean was suddenly missing from the NYCB roster. She happened to be one of my favorite corps dancers. She had a unique look and style onstage and I always noticed her in her corps roles. However, she has been in the corps for a long time now and during that time, she has almost never been given a soloist role and her propects of moving up in the ranks at this point seem to be nil. So maybe after all these years, she just figured that she had gone as far as she could go at NYCB and it was time to move on to another company or maybe another career. I have often thought over the years of sending her a note to tell her how much I enjoyed and appreciated her work in the corps. Now it's too late. I will miss her.



She was such an attractive girl (still is, I'm sure!) and I will miss seeing her among the dancers. I think possibly she is heading into singing and acting.

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