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It is interesting to compare the behavior of kids and young adults at the Met. The younger kids - 5 to 10 years old - were remarkably quite and attentive. The teenagers on the last performance were rude, noisy, and once they realized the power of their applause very disruptive. The teens below our balcony seats would begin to very intentionally and loudly applaud anything and everything - this after they talked through whatever it is they were applauding. And giggling with delight at their disruptiveness. It's a remarkable statement about the lack of education and education of respect teenagers receive from schools and, probably, even their parents.


Yes, but on the other hand some of these kids probably had day care centers where their parents ought to have been.

And what about the old lady who sat below us last week and rummaged thru her purse and unwrapped her candies?

Basically it just boils down to self-centeredness.
The kids want to draw attention to themselves; the old lady wants her mint NOW no matter who else is annoyed by her actions. The parents of the wailing babies obviously were unconcerned that the noise their kids were making disturbed the entire house.

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