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Thanks so much for all of your Sleeping Beauty posts Oberon. Three Beauties in 1 week! Bravo!!!

I'm also not suprised that you found Carbro so kind and lovely, I've thought that too! Nice that you got to meet in person. There are so many internet ballet fans I would like to meet in person someday.


Hi Perky, it's nice to see your name here!

I will be going to three more BEAUTYs next week (Fairchild, Hyltin and Bouder) so there will be more reports to come.

After seven NUTCRACKERs and six BEAUTYs, that first night of all-Stravinsky/Balanchine rep is looking like a refreshing change of pace.

Bob Arrigon

Thank you for all the great BEAUTY reviews. I am so sorry that I missed Jenifer Ringer because she is one of my favorites and as you noted, absolutely ideal for the role. However, I did see Wendy (at the dress rehearsal) and am looking forward to seeing Sterling Hyltin next Sunday. Any explanation as to why Miranda wasn't cast in the ballet at all (apart from the obvious one that she is leaving at the end of the season) or why we didn't see Kyra as Carabosse (as promised in the recent New York City Ballet- donor edition)?


PS I am looking forward to your review of Ashley as Aurora. I saw her dance it the last time NYCB performed BEAUTY and thought she was fabulous.


I assumed we would see Miranda's Aurora and Kyra's Carabosse this season but it wasn't to be, and now there will not be another opportunity. I was also sorry that Maria K was not cast as Lilac Fairy this year.


I tried to get into this performance, but it was sold out -- I couldn't believe it! You're right -- those story ballets do really sell out, because I've never had a problem getting a last-minute Fourth Ring ticket!

Thanks for the lovely review.

That's so nice you got to meet another online friend -- did you guys plan to meet or did she recognize you from some of the pictures you've posted? Well, I'll definitely be looking for you whenever I'm in the 4th Ring!


Wei & I are pretty easy to recognize as there are not a lot of Caucasian/Asian male couples in the 4th Ring at any given performance. And also, I was wearing my Oberon's Grove t-shirt which is a dead giveaway!

Carbro will be at two performances next week that we plan to attend and now that we all know one another it will be easy to meet. And after that we have about 20+ performances thru the end of February so there will be lots of opportunity.

Next week's BEAUTYs have some really interesting casting: debuts of Hyltin and Fairchild as Aurora; of Ben Millepied and Jon Stafford as the Prince; of Ellen Bar as Lilac, and the return to Lilac of Amanda Hankes who did such a remarkable job at the last revival. Then there's the Scheller/Paradiso Bluebird, and the Abi & Adam Bluebird; Dronova's Florine; Tyler Angle in Gold, and more Suehara...and of course Ashley Bouder's Aurora is back..and...and...and...


Hi Philip, If you were wearing a Winger T shirt on 1/3 at the Whelan Beauty then I think I saw you and Wei sitting in the 4th ring AAs. Was thinking about saying hello but that single intermission passed so quickly...


Yes, that was me in my Winger T...we always sit in the AA seats on the 4th Ring about 1/2 way up. It is great to 'meet' the people we have 'met' on-line.

The intermission at BEAUTY did seem short this year; I wonder if they have an 'ending' time they are aiming for?

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