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That tapestry metaphor is so beautiful, Philip! You are such the quintessential NYCB fan!

Bob Arrigon

Oh no, say it ain't so! I'm still recovering from the loss of Carla and Alexandra. I can't bear to lose Miranda too. Is this just a wild rumor or is there really something to it? How reliable is the source?

Seeking reassurance in Setauket,

Bob Arrigon


The story comes from the NYC Ballet website, buried in a general news item about the coming season.

Bob Arrigon

Ah yes, I just saw it on the NYCB website myself. Do we have to bring Peter Boal back as ballet master in order to get him to stop stealing our ballerinas? Well at least we have marvelous young ballerinas such as Ana Sophia, Tiler, Sterling, Kaitlyn and Kathryn emerging to fill in the top ranks. But enough departures now for awhile, OK.


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