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This is so fun! I'm really glad you are doing interviews now; I enjoy hearing artists talk about their craft. I'm a lawyer and it so makes me want to be an artist! As you know, I'm a big dance fan and sometime dancer, but I don't know very much about opera. I find it really fascinating how Lisette views her voice in terms of its color and size and openness to change, etc. -- it's her instrument and is everything she depends on, like a dancer basically is his or her body. Fascinating interview, Philip.

Also, I have the same favorite flower she does -- which is an unusual one :)


It took me over 2 hours to type this interview onto the blog, but I like the way it turned out and it's getting a lot of readers.

I hope to do more interviews; I'd love to interview some of the dancers but...I'm too shy to ask.


Interview Sloans


That's a good idea, and it would be fun to take pictures of her.

Jim Patten

Superb!!! Well done!


Jim, So much has happened in Lisette's carer since this interview that I should probably do a sequel.

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