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Thanks for your comments on the opening gala. Did you happen to see Dena Abergel or Pauline Golbin in the corps? Just wondering if they are back from maternity leave.


Hi Susan/Perky, it is great to hear from you!

Pauline & Dena were not dancing last night but Dena is listed for Frau Stahlbaum in NUTCRACKER next week. She is so lovely in that role. I saw her last week walking by and she looks gorgeous - back in pre-maternity shape and simply glowing.

Haven't noticed Pauline's name on NUTCRACKER casting yet but of course I can't wait to see her again.

Not having Amanda Edge, Sarah Ricard or Dana Hanson onstage at NYCB nowadays deprives us of three distinctive dance personalities.

There are a ton of new faces; it will take time for me to sort them all out.

Kaitlyn G did look great in WALPURGISNACHT!


Thanks for the write-up, I was sorry I had to miss it. I hope Kristin posts pictures of the gala party on the Winger!


I'm going to a few NUTCRACKERs and hoping to spot Kristin in the party scene.


Hi! I was there as well, and really enjoyed my 7th row seats (off to the side)for the ability to try to recognize the corps girls. I think I was able to finally pick out Kaitlyn. I also loved Melissa Barak,and Glenn Keenan and am really enjoying Sterling Hyltin...I also thought Kathryn was beautiful and what a thrill that curtain call must've been for her! I noticed her in the front of her corps work as well.
Where did you see the party scene casting from Nutcracker? I noticed that on the NYCB site they only have the act two variations listed.


Hi Sandi, and thank you for stopping by here!

Yes, I think coming before the curtain to take a bow must be about the biggest thrill for a young dancer or a novice opera singer. Kathryn surely gave a lovely performance and I think we can look forward to seeing her take many more curtain calls there over the coming years.

Observing and getting to know the corps dancers at NYCB is a very rewarding experience. Over the years I have developed strong allegiances to several dancers from the corps. One of the great aspects of the Balanchine rep (and of other works the Company presents) is that the corps dancers have really demnding steps and combinations. Sometimes I will focus on a particular dancer for several seconds, really watching what they are doing. They aren't just making a framework for the principals; they are making the ballets live & breathe. And the nice thing about NYCB is, the corps kids often get featured roles where you can observe them even more clearly.

When you are in the NY State Theatre lobby, you will see a big board next to the door that has photos of all the principal dancers. To the right of that is a small frame that usually contains one or two casting sheets for upcoming performances. These pages give more casting detail for the coming NUTCRACKER performances than the website: the Stahlbaums, the Dolls, the leading Flowers for the Waltz. There is also a second copy of these casting sheets on the other side of the lobby.

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