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Agreed in toto.

The Miller is a dump. No a/c; it almost rained in there. First and last viist, but I did have a front row seat so I could see all those PERFECT legs.
I nominate Georgina as the most beautiful NYCB dancer, but I would marry Janoie first.

And I kissed her.



Being a NYCB devoted fan, it was fabulous (as always) to see company members out and about. I enjoyed the Liang pieces - Kowroski has such style and Albert partnered superbly and Wendy and Craig are well matched and I really liked the use of the black out moments in the start of the pice. The Liang pieces were lovely, but a bit slow for my liking. The ABT piece was a bit too long, but it was clear from the get go (at least to me) that it was a story about being and outsider and acceptance.

Having arrived home from Germany the previous night, I found myself starting to doze through the jet lagged haze and then Tiler, Sterling et. al. kicked started my energy with their unending sparkle and shine.I was FLOORED by Tom Gold's piece and it was such a treat watching it and then glancing behind me to where he was standing and having the opportunity to see how proud he was of his peers and their performance. It was fantastic to see Ashley back, and in top form, and Mr. Suozi was amazing (although twice I was convinced he was headed off the edge of the stage!). Can't wait for the season to start...


Yes, I remember thinking the same thing about Suozzi looking like he was going to fly right off the stage.

Bob Arrigon

I too wholeheartedly agreed with your review of the Miller Theater program (and your comments on the theater itself). The NYCB dancers all looked in top form. And yes, the Gold ballet - "Masada" - was the highlight of the evening. But I'm afraid I must diagree with my good friend Jim - Georgina is lovely but Maria IS the most beautiful NYCB dancer and Ashley the sexiest (yes, I recognized that long before last week)! And then of course, there's Jenifer Ringer (but alas, she's already married!) I too cannot wait for the beginning of the NYCB winter season.


Sad to say, though I too spoke to her, I did not share Jim Mattimore's good fortune in kissing Janie Taylor.

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