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Why would it be Pascale's final appearance?


Pascale had sustained a very serious foot injury; she has not danced for about 2 years except for a brief appearance at Jock Soto's farewell. The roles she is doing at the moment, in VIENNA WALTZES and FANCY FREE, are not on pointe. I have heard from one source that she is not renewing next season and from another source that these performances are sort of a trial balloon to see how she feels dancing again.

I guess we won't know until the Winter roster is announced, unless there is some sort of public gesture after VIENNA WALTZES this Tuesday night, which would be her last performance this (NY) season in any event. The audience seemed very pleased to see her onstage again, and possibly her decision whether or not to stay might be colored by the warmth of her reception.

She has been a special favorite of Wei's and mine, so of course we are hoping she will keep dancing.

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