Back in the day, I got hooked on Wheeldon's first piece for the NYCB, "Slavonic Dances." It was performed six times, and I saw it five, even taking a trip up to see it in Saratoga. Chris later told me that I had seen it performed more often than he had! So I completely understand you wanting to see Evenfall again and again. Just wish I could see it once!


I think I saw every performance of the Stephen Baynes ballet, TWILIGHT COURANTE, and almost every performance of Peter's BURLESKE - the latter a subtle & romantic piece of which most people missed the point.

I hope the next time NYCB goes to Copenhagen, they will bring you both EVENFALL and IN VENTO, Kay!

Actually, I never saw SLAVONIC DANCES. The first Wheeldon ballet I saw was MERCURIAL MANOUVRES. So far the only ballet of his that I haven't liked was AMERICAN IN PARIS. And I wasn't crazy about CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS, though if it's on a program with other "good" ballets I can sit thru it.

EVENFALL is perhaps a cousin of MERCURIAL, though when the man departs at the end of EVENFALL it casts a shadow back over the entire piece.

To date, SHAMBARDS was his most controversial piece; it took me a couple viewings to absorb it. It ranks now 2nd only to EVENFALL in my Wheeldon list.

Perhaps we are ready for a Wheeldon retrospective at NYCB. Imagine having a retrospective at his age!

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