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I remember Makiko's passing. I cannot believe it has been 4 years. Sadly, I never had the privilege of meeting Makiko but I wish I had. Your heartfelt remembrance and vibrant account of Makiko reminds me of how beautiful she was.

I absolutely adore the painting Tyler Alpern did of Makiko.

Tyler Alpern

I only saw Makiko sing once and reading this blog, I know it is no exaggeration how it felt to be instantly moved and struck by Makiko's performance. I don't know a thing about classical singing, but I know that night I saw someone with a special star quality that transcended any particular genre. I will never forget that night or Makiko's recital in another one of her floral dresses. Although she was a singer, there was strong visual aspect to her performance that is what I strived to capture, since obviously the painting could not document her marvelous voice. Many singers have a voice, Makiko was more than just a voice. She was so dynamic. I have seen so many great talents live yet never felt a need to paint them. Makiko was a very special talent indeed. Thanks for your kind words and the 2 thumbs up on my painting. Tyler


Oberon, that was very powerful. I'd come to your blog to read your review of Midsummer, but read this first. Now I think I'll wait a while before reading the review. Kind of a moment of silence in respect.

Amy Reusch

Are any of her recordings listed on Amazon? (I'd love to hear even a digitized snippet)

Bridget Kibbey

I am a harpist who performed Mahler's Rucker Lieder and Mahler's Resurrection Symphony at Juilliard years ago. I really appreciate the beautiful memoir you've posted in her honor, and wanted to thank you for posting that. She was such an incredible talent, and although I didn't get to know her personally, she struck me as being so gracious and humble. Her performance of Mahler 2 was truly magical and the entire orchestra was moved by the sincerity, passion, and humility she brought to her part.


Hi Bridget,

I have been thinking about Makiko so much in the past few days. I really miss her voice and her friendship. Thank you for writing about your experience of working with her.

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