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Fascinating! You've said a few times that a movie should be made about this woman and I agree. Of course, her self-delusion is not unique in any way. How many Germans and Austrians said that they "had no idea" what was happening to their neighbors who simply disappeared in the night. There's been a good deal of arguing that these people simply chose not to see what their lying eyes showed them. (We're living through a similar period today, I think.) Anyway, there was an interesting book I once tried to read and gave up on because the writing was simply unbearable and unreadable. It was called "Hitler's Willing Executioners" and it discussed in some detail just what people chose not to see around them.


It does seem pretty amazing that so many people could have been 'unaware' of what was happening.

As for living in a similar period, I was hoping that period would be coming to an end but now I am not so sure that is is.

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