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It sounds like the issue here isn't full-length story ballets, but this production of one.


I've felt the same way about watching the ABT ROMEO & JULIET, SLEEPING BEAUTY and BAYADERE in recent seasons.


Philip, I think it's clear that you just don't like full length narrative ballets, but in this case your choice of production doesn't help.

IMO the Mckenzie staging is the worst of all possible worlds. The 3rd act additions are fine but he actually does "streamline" both lakeside scenes thereby robbing the story of it's magic. And he does so insidiously, so most people don't even realize how much the music & choreography has been tampered with. Plus which Murphy is not an adagio dancer which makes her a very cold Odette and she has zero chemistry with Corella.

I have an out of print VHS of Makarova & Nagy in ABT's 1970's staging. If you want to see why some of us love the traditional Swan lake I might be persuaded to lend it to you - provided you still have a vhs player.


Susan, I think my problems with full-length narrative ballets are very deep-rooted!

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