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Ugh, damn, I don't have cable -- I'll try to have my mom tape it for me. I'm so jealous -- what a cool job -- TV editor!!


Last season Dmitry worked on the TLC series MY LIFE AS A CHILD.


You definitely don't need to be into tats to enjoy the show. There are 6 clients presented getting tattoos and (almost) all of them get tattoos for some personal reasons. So there's definitely a human interest angle to it. And if you like the tattoo artists involved you can start following their travails. The shop is owned by Kat von D (who plays Beethoven sonatas, and has his bust tattooed on her thigh). She's a refugee from "Miami Ink," another TLC show that she left in the spring. The other 3 main artists are Hannah, Kim, and Corey. Corey's the one guy in there, so it's definitely a look at a tattoo culture people don't know much about.


I have to confess that I don't really get permanent tattoos (or multiple piercings in unusual places for that matter). So I guess I should watch the show.


We don't have cable, so I can't watch it!


I think tattoos can be extremely beautiful - there's definitely art there. But like all art - it can be bad. For a lot of people who are not "collectors" tattoos are emotional; they get them after an emotional experience. There are a lot of people on our show who got tattooed after a battle with an illness or losing a loved one. It can be a way to honor and preserve someone's memory in a physical way. There is going to be one woman who lost a baby to SID at 2 months. She wanted to have a photo of him tattooed on her arm where he usually rested his head when he slept. Who is going to judge that?

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