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Phillip it's nice you mentioned Sara Leland. I never saw her dance live, but it sometimes seems that she is never mentioned when people are discussing NYCB ballerina's from the past. I realize she wasn't one of Mr. B's most important muses, but she seems to have been a unique and useful dancer to him.


Leland and Bart Cook were dancing there a lot when I was first going. They were just as important a partnership as Farrell & Martins or McBride & Villella but because they danced the less showy, more dramatic rep they were less "starry". But they were sensational: quirky, and attractive in a sort of off-beat way. They had a similar chemistry to the Wendy & Jock combination.

When we used to run into the lobby to check the casting (this was long before there was a website!) we always loved finding Leland's name there.

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